101v7 (3 credits at level 1)

Develop & Use Keyboarding Skills to Enter Text
Assessment $72

102v7 (3 credits at level 1)

Consolidate keyboarding skills and produce accurate text
Assessment $72

107v7 (5 credits at level 2)

Apply language and text processing skills to produce communications
Assessment $72

108v7 (5 credits at level 3)

Apply language and text processing skills to produce business documents
Assessment $72

111v8 (5 credits at level 2)

Use a word processor to produce documents for a business or organisation
Assessment $72

112v8 (5 credits at level 3)

Produce business or organisational information using word processing functions
Assessment $72

12884v7 (3 credits at level 2)

Create documents and manage files for generic text and information management Assessment $72

12885v7 (4 credits at level 2)

Create and enhance documents combining text and images for generic text and information management
Assessment $72

12886v7 (6 credits at level 3)

Customise software features to manipulate text for generic text and information management
Assessment $72

16677v4 (1 credit at level 1)

Key in text at 15 words per minute
Assessment $40

16678v4 (1 credit at level 2)

Key in text at 25 words per minute
Assessment $40

16679v4 (1 credit at level 3)

Key in text at 35 words per minute
Assessment $40


Assessment – includes ready to use assessment, answers and judgements
CD or Email – Files emailed to supplied address or supplied on CD to postal address on request
Upgrade – Files emailed to you at 50% of cost above if resources for previous version purchased from us. No cost for minor changes
GST –please add GST to the prices quoted

  • Our resources are provided as Office files and are emailed unless a CD copy is requested.
  • Each assessment package includes judgment statements and often model answers.
    We supply upgrades free on request, if changes made by NZQA within six months of purchase.  All other upgrades are available at 50% of the listed price, if resources from the previous version purchased from us. Upgrades are emailed to the specified address. No charge if only minor changes made by NZQA.
  • While we are confident that each assessment package more than meets moderation requirements, we will promptly update any assessment based on moderation feedback at no charge.


Purchasers may freely photocopy our resources for use within their school or use them on an internal intranet , as long as access is limited to current students at the school.
Minor alterations may be made to our resources, but this must not breach our intellectual property rights and be limited to minor changes to the text while still recognising the original of the resources as being Education Webb

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