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    AS 92004 Digital Technologies 1.1%Notes & Assessment Available now%$275AS 92005 Digital Technologies 1.2%Web Design Notes & Assessment Available soon%$275AS 92006 Digital Technologies 1.3%Notes & Assessment Available now%$175AS 92007 Digital Technologies 1.4%Web Design Notes & Assessment Available soon%$275


    AS 91890 Digital Technologies 2.1%Resource Notes (all standards)%$120.00AS 91890 Digital Technologies 2.1%Resource Notes (programming)%$120.00AS 91891 Digital Technologies 2.2%Notes & Assessment%$275.00AS 91892 Digital Technologies 2.3%Notes & Assessment%$275.00AS 91893 Digital Technologies 2.4%Notes & Assessment%$275.00AS 91894 Digital Technologies 2.5%Notes & Assessment%$275.00AS 91896 Digital Technologies 2.7%Notes & Assessment%$275.00AS 91897 Digital Technologies 2.8%Not available%AS 91898 Digital Technologies 2.9 Encryption%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00AS 91898 Digital Technologies 2.9 Error Control%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00AS 91898 Digital Technologies 2.9 Computer Security%Notes including Assessment Guide %$150.00AS 91899 Digital Technologies 2.10%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00


    AS 91900 DT 3.1%Critical Enquiry %$275.00AS 91901 DT 3.2%Programming Notes and Assessment %$275.00AS 91901 DT 3.2%Website Notes and Assessment %$275.00AS 91902 DT 3.3%Notes and Assessment %$325.00AS 91903 DT 3.4 web%Notes and Assessment %$325.00AS 91903 DT 3.4 movie%Notes and Assessment %$275.00AS 91904 DT 3.5%Not available%AS 91905 DT 3.6%Notes and Assessment %$275.00AS 91906 DT 3.7%Notes and Assessment %$325.00AS 91907 DT 3.8%Not available%AS 91908 DT 3.9 Computer Vision%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00AS 91908 DT 3.9 Complexity & Tractability%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00AS 91908 DT 3.9 Networking%Notes including Assessment Guide%$150.00AS 91909 DT 3.10%Notes including Assessment Guide%$175.00


    Year 9 Resource using BBC Micro:Bit%%$75.00Year 19 Resource creating games using Scratch or Kittenblock%%$120.00Year 7-10 resource using MIT App Inventor%%$75.00Year 8-11 resource using Kittenblock to program shields%%$75.00Spare%%


    Sound files%%$60.00Spare%%Spare %%Spare%%


    AS 91046 v3 Technology 1.3%Notes & Assessment%$225.00AS 91046 v3 Technology 1.3%Notes & Assessment%$225.00AS 91046 v3 Technology 1.3%Notes & Assessment%$225.00AS 91610v3 General Technology 3.3%%$130.00


    Unit Standard 2792 v9 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 5943 v8 %%-Unit Standard 5946 v9 (Notes & Assessment) %%$$184.00Unit Standard 18734 v7 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 18739 v7 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 18743 v6 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 18758 v6 (Notes & Assessment) %%$220.00Unit Standard 25659 v4 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 18740 v7 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 29769 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29770v2(Notes & Assessment)%%$275.00Unit Standard 29771 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29772 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29773 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29774 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29775 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29776 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29777 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29778 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29779 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29780 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29781 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29782 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29783 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 2797 v9%%nyaUnit Standard 5968 v9%%-Unit Standard 18741 v7 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 25782 v5 (Notes & Assessment) %%$184.00Unit Standard 29785 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29786 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29787 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29788 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29789 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29790 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29791 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29792 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29793 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29794 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29795 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29796 v2%%nyaUnit Standard 29797 v2%%nya


    - %%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%-%%%%-

    Self-Teaching Notes - can be purchased on their own or in combination with the assessment (note in comment box or email)



    Self-Teaching Notes - can be purchased on their own or in combination with the assessment (note in comment box or email)


    Purchasers may freely photocopy our resources for use within their school. Use on a internal intranet may be possible on application to us, as long as access is limited to current students at the school.

    Minor alterations may be made to our resources, but this must not breach our intellectual property rights and must be limited to minor changes to the text while still recognising the original of the resources as being Education Webb.



    includes ready to use assessment, answers and judgments

    Self-Teaching Notes

    Self-Teaching notes and exercises designed for students to successfully work through with minimal support from the teacher, leading to successful achievement of the assessment for the unit.

    CD or Email Only

    Files supplied on CD only to postal address supplied or emailed to supplied address


    Files emailed to you at 50% of cost below if resources for previous version purchased from us.

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