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AS 91046v3 (Tech 1.3 – 6 credit internal) 
Use design ideas to produce a conceptual design for an idea to address a brief
This is a design unit covering good and bad design, alignment, proximity, scale, typeface, etc
Combined Self-Teaching Notes and Assessment  ($225 plus GST)

AS 91047v4 (Tech 1.4 – 6 credit internal) 
Undertake development to make a prototype to address a brief  
This assessment gets students to create high quality items of wedding stationery in a creative way that many Information Management students will enjoy. For this assessment students or teachers will need to have a range of craft papers, plus tools such as glue guns, scissors, embossers, ribbons, lace etc.  This is a relatively easy and enjoyable standard for students to achieve.
Combined Self-Teaching Notes and Assessment  ($225 plus GST)

AS AS91049v4 (Tech 1.6 - 4 credit external)
Demonstrate understanding of how materials enable technological products to function
This resource is about materials and students will investigate paper types in a very Information Management kind of way. The theme is to find an ideal paper that can be used for producing wedding stationery.  The notes guide the student on the steps/investigations they need to make, and the assessment is based closely around the standard details.  1.6 can be given to students before 1.4 as linked assessments, or the assessments can be used independently.
Self-Teaching Notes - Notes cover all learning needed in a format students can work from.  ($130 plus GST)
Assessment  ($20 plus GST)


AS 91610v3 (GT 3.3 – 6 credit internal)
Develop a conceptual design considering fitness for purpose in the broadest sense
This resource is an integrated project based tutorial/assessment.  The standard links closely to the design part of 91637 (DT3.46), allowing students to gain 6 additional credits with minimal additional work. 91610 (GT3.3) can also be used independently of programming to purely develop a design.
Available now at $130 plus GST

AS 91611v3 (Tech 3.4 – 6 credit internal) 
Develop a prototype considering fitness for purpose in the broadest sense
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